Diane Feinstein: The worst Senator ever?

This quote by Dean Barnett on the Hugh Hewitt blog is fantastic, I laughed a lot (and couldn’t agree more!)

“Let’s talk about why Diane Feinstein is the worst Senator in history. And I’m not just talking about American history. I’m talking Roman history, all the mock student governments in history, the whole ball of wax. I’m also including fictional Senators in this assessment like that really mean guy in “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” and that scummy Nevada Senator from “Godfather II.”

Of anyone who has ever borne the title Senator under any circumstances, Diane Feinstein is the worst.”

The context, by the way, is regarding her desire to see the “fairness doctrine” reimplemented.



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3 responses to “Diane Feinstein: The worst Senator ever?

  1. gasdocpol

    Uh , would you care to tell us why you think that Diane Feinstein is the worst senator ever.

    Off the top of my head, I think that it would be easier to argue that GW Bush is the worst President ever.

  2. pugs


    I believe that any senator that is pushing for inequality and censorship should be kicked from office.

    She may be upset about how dominated her political views are on talk radio, but to try and legislate censorship in order to squash her own criticisms are reason enough to show she’s unfit for politics. She’s not representing her constituents, she’s working for number one.

    I think that makes her the worst senator ever.

  3. gasdocpol

    Censorship as defined in Wikipedia is the withholding of information from the public.

    Cheney met with energy executives to hand-pick energy regulators in California prior to the melt-down and after Enron had made huge profits there. Cheney has refused to release information about those meetings. Cheney did not merely push for censorship but he committed it and has refused court orders to redress that wrong that was committed.

    You do not give details of what you have spun to imply that Feinstein has pushed for censorship. she might be clearly wrong, debateable or clearly right. Freedom of speech is basic to democracy.

    Neither Liberals nor Conservatives have a monopoly on the truth or all the answers. We need them both if for no other reason than to keep each other honest.

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