Romney Leads, McCain Falters in New Iowa Poll

A Mason-Dixon poll gives Mitt Romney an 8 point lead in Iowa over second place Fred Thompson. Here is how it breaks out:

Romney: 25%

Thompson: 17%

Giuliani: 15%

Huckabee: 7%

McCain: 6%

Brownback: 6%

The real story in this poll is not Romney’s lead or Thompson’s rise to front-runner status, but it is the complete collapse of John McCain. Once the front runner for the presidency, he is now running fifth and behind Huckabee, whom many consider to be a second tier candidate. While this is only one state, this is another strong sign that McCain is done. It will be interesting to see where he sits when new SC and NH polls come out throughout the month. If he continues to poll this low through the end of the year, he should give up the fight.


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One response to “Romney Leads, McCain Falters in New Iowa Poll

  1. There is a new poll out for Nevada that shows Mitt Romney registering in at 20% support. I think that that is pretty impressive considering he is not well known in the state yet.

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