Romney Booms in California

 Update:  Click here for the official poll results 

According to a new Poll out of California Mitt Romney has taken an impressive lead among Republicans in the state.

      “Gov. Mitt Romney has surged to 32 percent, a 20-point jump since February”

      “The results of the GOP poll showed a drastic shift in next year’s presidential primary, with support for previous front-runner Rudy Giuliani dropping from 40.9 percent to 14.7 percent.  Arizona Sen. John McCain’s numbers also fell, from more than 17 percent to 5.4 percent, which put him behind both Rep. Duncan Hunter of Alpine, who polled at 11 percent, as well as the still unannounced Fred Thompson, 5.9 percent.  The poll claims a 4.1 percent sampling error.”

Romney:  32 %

Giuliani: 14.7%

Hunter: 11 %

F. Thompson: 5.9%

McCain: 5.4%

If these numbers hold true, Romney will be the Republican nominee.  If he wins California the game is over.   I am quite skeptical of these numbers.  I am more apt to think that perhaps Giuliani and Romney are within the margin of error against each other.   Giuliani is still the one to beat….for now.   Great news for Romney though. 




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2 responses to “Romney Booms in California

  1. Dan Domkowski

    I disagree.

  2. Roy Fillmore

    Well Steve you don’t know what you’re talking about. Actually, I just wanted to say that. It should not surprise anyone that Romney has strong numbers in Caliland. Look at the huge Mormon population there (rep McKeon just formally endorsed Romney and he used to be Val’s Stake President). That and Everyone knows that Calicool kids are all Romney lovers.

    Sorry for none of this making much sense. I felt bad that you had no comments.

    Stay cool.

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